Happy Birthday - 13 Years

On Friday 12th June 2020, Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd. celebrated it's 13th birthday. Here is to another fantastic 13 years!!

On Friday 12th June 2020, Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd. celebrated it's 13th birthday.

It has been a fantastic thirteen years and it would have been nice to celebrate in style but due to recent lock down measures that wasn't fully possible.

Looking back over the years, there have been so many changes, from when we first started 'at home' to our first commercial office in Wakefield, it was then on to Horbury Junction, followed by several years in Ossett town centre before our we came full circle and made our final move to Sandal Castle Centre in Wakefield, where we have been ever since and continue to be very happy.

In that time we have seen the business grow from strength to strength, and we have had people come and go, but we have been hounoured to keep so many of our great team, who have stayed with us for many years. 

With Complete Care what started as a spark is now a bright shining light, and we intend to keep this glowing for our many future years. 

Anyone can come up with a great business idea, but it takes a special team of fantastic people with a deep passion to make it a reality. The business of care is highly challenging for many reasons but it is rewarding in equal and often higher measures.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has perhaps been the most challenging of all years, but because we have such a highly commited and devoted team, it has been far easier with everyone pulling together.  We continue with our aim to inspire and we thank them for their immense and outstanding work. Our highly valued team embrace the company vision and passion to make a difference for those they care for, from the moment the step out of the door, every day of the year,  

The business of care takes long hours and comes with incredible sacrifice, it takes temendous hard work and devotion which is nothing short of awe inspiring, and we are proud to celebrate our birthday with such a fantastic team of individuals.

Over the years we have been nominiated and have won many awards for our contribution to the care sector, we have been in newspapers and have been featured on ITV Yorkshire Calendar, and we plan to have further success stories in the coming years.

We would like to thank all our customers and staff who have made our last 13 years so rewarding.

Here is to another fantastic 13 years!!



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