Jean's 100th birthday

85,000 facebook views, 1000's of likes, 500 cards and counting, Presents, flowers, cakes, paintings, teddies, chocolates, videos of various musicians playing or singing happy birthday, from School's, Colleges, and even the Queen herself made sure her card was sent to our lovely Jean in time for her 100th birthday. BBC Look North and ITV Calendar are also covering this marvelous event, as well the local press. Happy Birthday Jean

Well this is perhaps the biggest news story ever to feature on our website.

It all started at the beginning of November when Sara (Registered Manager) wanted to do something to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of our wonderful customers ‘Jean’

Sara initially posted a message with Jean’s story on our facebook page asking if any one out there would be kind enough to celebrate this lady’s birthday with us and the aim was to get Jean 100 birthday cards.

Our facebook page was inundated, in no time at all messages from well wishers were coming in from everywhere, As people were liking and sharing the post we began to receive messages from all over the country and then from all over the world.

As this news story is written today, 87,463 people have seen the post, and number is growing daily.

The post on face book, read (below)


I really need your help to make this lovely lady's 100th birthday very special on the 12th December 2020. Let me tell you about Winnie (likes to be called Jean) first though.

(Jean has given us permission to share her story).

Jean grew up in a children’s home along with her sister at an early age. Her sister was adopted and Jean was left in the home until she was 16yrs. Jean then was put into service, she made her own way in life until the war started. Jean started work at a grocery shop in Manchester, where the owners took her in and treated her as their own.

A few years later, Jean met Tom, ‘over the garden wall’ and eventually they got married. Tom was a Yorkshire man and when the bombing got worse he brought Jean to Yorkshire. They had a daughter, Pat. Tom passed away aged only 47 years leaving Jean to bring up Pat on her own who also sadly passed away at only 46. Jean loved to dance and met George a wonderful man, where they continued to dance twice a week for a few years. George passed away in 2015 leaving Jean on her own again. Every valentine’s day he always brought her a dozen red roses and now Jean does the same and puts a dozen red roses on his grave on Valentines day. Jean misses George very much. Jean is cared for by her only granddaughter and Complete Care West Yorkshire.

We want Jean to have an amazing 100th birthday, which she will celebrate on the 12th December 2020. It would be so lovely if Jean received some birthday cards. I know it is a big ask but if you can write her a card or send her a message, it would make her feel so special and mean the world to her. Don't let Covid spoil her big 100th birthday!

You can send cards to our office and we will ensure she gets them on the day when we sing happy birthday to her.

From that point on, not only did we have messages from everywhere it seems, but our poor postman could not keep up with the amount of birthday cards arriving everyday,

But it wasn’t just cards?

Presents, flowers, cakes, paintings, teddies, chocolates, videos of various musicians playing or singing happy birthday were arriving non-stop.

And even the Queen herself made sure her card was sent to our lovely Jean for her 100th birthday.

BBC Look North and ITV Calendar are also covering this marvellous event, as well the local press.

We all feel very humbled by the kindness and generosity that everyone has shown. Jean's story has touched so many hearts. Thank you so much! It is really quite emotional seeing the effort everyone has gone to, to ensure Jean has an amazing 100th birthday.

Here are some pictures of the cards we have received,…. can you see the one you sent?

A very special thank you must also go to Kavbakescakes, who has baked some cupcakes for Jean's 100th in her favourite colours. They looked amazing!

Thank you to Jean's team of care workers, who have given up their time to help Jean open her cards, leading up to the big day.

Jean is definitely going to be famous, and she is rightly loving all this attention.

Click the link to see Jean's video message

So far Jean has received around 500 cards, and has already started to open some of the cards she has been sent due to there being so many!

I know the team are working hard to make sure her day is one she will not forget. Jean is looking forward to her TV debut too - She is very excited and rightly so, 100 years young

Another mention must go to Towngate Primary Academy – Ossett and Lawfield Primary School 4LE

The school children have been very busy and created some lovely cards for Jean's 100th Birthday.

Jean will be absolutely delighted at the cards and the lovely messages inside from everyone at Towngate Primary Academy School &  Lawfield Primary School 4LE .

You really have created a birthday to remember!

And.. Wakefield College students who created some stunning cards with fantastic birthday messages

The cards and messages just keep on coming.

And here is Jean opening her card from Buckingham Palace Jean's 100th Birthday Card from the Queen - YouTube

Stay tuned to our facebook page for regular updates. Enjoy some of the photos we have taken

I will end this news story by saying ‘Happy 100th Birthday’ to Jean,

We hope you will enjoy your special day.

Love from All the team




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