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On the 5th August 2020, Complete Care West Yorkshire were once again proud to be involved in the ITV Calendar Yorkshire programme. The focus was part of Mental Health week and the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the mental well being of both staff and customers. ... Read More....

It is the second time we have featured in the programme this year. As part of Mental Health Awareness week ITV reporter Sally Simpson visited Complete Care to talk about the impacts and strain of mental health in the care sector over the pandemic. Four of our fantastic team took part and three of our care staff were interviewed with Sally in our training room.

"All of a sudden we have become superheroes, but we're not" said Dean (community care worker) "we've been doing it (care) for years, some nights and think 'it has been stressful' but I try to carry on because I am also a carer for my 80 year old Mum and I have to do jobs her too, such as hospital appointments, so yes I am stressed and tired, but I keep going"

Natasha continued to express the contribution made by care workers "You can't wrap yourself in cotton wool in social care, you know you’re out (in the community) that's our job"

On the importance of making a positive difference to the mental health of those we care for "Some customers are fed up (with the pandemic) and would like to see their family, we try all different ways to cheer them up and be positive. It has been so hard to keep everyone’s spirits up" said Leanne (Community Care Worker)

Sally also had the chance to speak with registered manager Sara Booth, who said "We need to do more to recognise the stress and pressures that it (the pandemic) has put on out teams. We need to look at other resources maybe pooling together to see how we can support one another"

The ITV team also went with Natasha and Leanne to visit one of our fantastic customers Anne, who was delighted to take part and we are very thankful and grateful to her for doing this.

From Complete Care we would like to thank you to the ITV calendar team for the report. The more positive focus the social care sector gets in the media the better, It is great to see our team being recognise for the fantastic work they do every day


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