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Thinking about a career in care? Wonder what it would be like? Our team can give you an insight into their role.

A day in the life of Becky - Care Coordinator

Becky - Care Coordinator  photograph

A day in the life of a Coordinator can be busy and very challenging at times, care work is especially hard, the hours can be long and tiring. You must be highly organised as no two days are the same, you need to be able to prioritise your workload in order to get tasks done in a timely manner. Overall being a coordinator is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could choose to do, I really feel that I can make a positive difference.

The most satisfying part of this role is the service users you meet and the support you are able to offer to them to remain as independent as possible. I have a fantastic team of care workers, they are really passionate about making positive difference. As a team we work closely with families and other agencies, working out issues together as a team to ensure that our service users are receiving the best possible care. The job is more rewarding knowing we all share a common goal, which is providing a quality service.

The feedback I get from relatives, thanking us for the care and support given to their loved one is heart-warming, I feel humble that we were trusted to take care of their loved ones, there is no higher privilege than this or trust granted.

I am responsible for assisting HR with recruiting suitable care workers for my team. When I interview potential candidates, I always look at whether they are appropriate for the role, I always consider would I want them caring for my own Nan or mum?

On a daily basis I have to review and update care plans, go through care log and make sure record keeping is completed to a high standard. I communicate with social work teams, hospitals and other care professionals on a daily basis.

I carry out regular staff spot checks (observations) and supervisions, these checks are an essential part of the role, knowing your team are delivering a high standard of quality care. I really enjoy being hands on, working out in the community with my team. Knowing each and every one of my service users enables me to support my team effectively and plan the rotas for the area I manage.

I can honestly say that I picked this job because I have a passion for looking after others, it definitely wasn’t to make lots of money! Care is one of the most fulfilling jobs that you can do, I can’t imagine doing anything different. I feel I am part of the Complete Care family, I am extremely proud to go to work every day and work with others who are equally passionate about care. Complete Care really values and rewards the team, it is a great company to work for.

Teamwork is the basis of a great business and a healthy one!

A day in the life of Steve - Care professional

Steve - Care professional photograph

I joined Complete Care in the Spring and after a period of training I was given a round of calls in Denby Dale / Skelmanthorpe area.

The work is varied and challenging which is what I was looking for. I like the variety and working problems out that may occur. I have done anything from tune in TV’s to killing wasps in the bathroom and then making a cooked breakfast.

You can go to some calls as a single or a double call where you meet with up with a colleague to carry out care. Double up calls can involve more moving and handling of people and using equipment. It is also a good way of sharing information with colleagues about the people you support as a team.


My day usually starts around 07:30am, but can start earlier, being an ex-postman, this isn’t a problem and can be a pleasure to be out at that time in the summer. I have yet to experience a winter, but I am ready for it when it comes. Your first calls are breakfast, that involves anything from washing/showering, dressing, food serving and supporting medication needs. I like making a difference to someone’s day, and when they say, “thank you”, that is my reward. You really get to know family members, pets and build good relationships with service users as you are going most days.


The latter part of this shift starts with dinner time calls and usually finishes around 14:00. We also do late’s and weekends, this has the bonus of very little traffic and can be easier to get around.


If you are looking for a job that is rewarding and varied and you have good communication skills, then I recommend Complete Care as a very good place to start. I have great colleagues and there is excellent support from the office. The culture we have at Complete Care means you are never left out and alone, there is always support and guidance.

The company plan events and activities to get the team together, so much so that the weeks fly by.

A day in the life of Katherine - Care professional

Katherine - Care professional photograph

Before I became a Care Worker I was a full-time mum to my two sons. I found this very rewarding but once they got to an age when they no longer needed me as much, I decided to apply for a job at Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd, as I felt I had the personality and life experience to be a good Care Worker. I wanted to make a positive difference to elderly people who want to continue living in their own homes.

A typical day usually starts at about 6.45am. I arrive at my first call assisting them to get out of bed, supporting them to get washed, carrying out personal care and then assisting to dress. Once those needs are taken care of, I usually make my service user breakfast of choice and a nice cup of tea. My role also consists of supporting people with their medication, this is a great responsibility but there is documentation in place to support me.
I find chatting throughout my visits makes the person I'm caring for feel more relaxed and comfortable with me caring for them, as it is a personal job I'm doing. After I have completed my tasks in one home I drive onto my next service user. My next service user is a male and I assist him to shower, shave, dry and dress. After completing my job at this particular service user, I always get a feeling of real satisfaction, knowing I made a positive difference to him and his wife. I always chat with his wife too as I feel she needs a lot of support, living with someone with a disability can be very demanding. The chat is usually whilst I'm writing the report at the end of my visit. I then drive to the next address which is a short drive away. This service user requires companionship, so most of the time when I go we sit chatting and enjoying each other’s company over a cup of tea. I may be the only person she sees that day, so I know I’m making a difference to her day.

Working as a community care worker is very rewarding and although it can be demanding and very long hours, I can honestly say I love what I do and wish I'd have chosen this pathway a little sooner. My way of thinking is I treat people as I would want someone to treat my elderly parents. Each day can vary because I'm not always sure of how my service user are feeling. After I've finished my rounds on a morning it's onto lunches, which I usually return back to my morning service user and make them lunch. I help with any toileting needs or carry out any requests if time permits. My morning shift finishes around 13.30pm. I have found this type of work very satisfying and most rewarding and each day I feel I'm bringing happiness and a much needed service to each and every person I visit. Although I haven't got any experience to compare, I believe Complete Care West Yorkshire do believe in providing a high standard of person centred care and feel they have given me as much support and guidance that I might have needed.

A day in the life of Laura - Scheduling Coordinator

Laura - Scheduling Coordinator photograph

I have worked for Complete Care West Yorkshire Ltd for over 7 years now. I used to work out in the Denby Dale area, providing care and support to people in their own homes before I was promoted to Care Schedule.


When I worked out in care, I found it very satisfying and rewarding in the aspect that I was helping people, which without my help they wouldn't be able to remain in their own home. Working in care I have achieved qualifications which have helped me in my role, giving me a greater understanding of the role and the conditions, my service users had at the time.

Whilst working out in the community I worked evenings around my childcare, it was reassuring that I was able to work without worrying about the kids.

I loved being a care worker, it was challenging at times, but no shift is ever the same! It is such a rewarding role. I enjoyed supporting people professionally, it was very much person centred. I like to think that I provided a quality service to these people who relied upon me.

Recently I have been promoted to Scheduler, I love my new role as I am more involved in the business, taking on new care packages and scheduling calls to ensure service users have a quality and consistent service. The role can be quite varied, I have attended recruitment fairs with HR to promote the social care sector and I am an I Care Ambassador for Complete Care. I enjoy working as a team to achieve a positive outcome, it is satisfying to know that I make a difference every day.

I am excited about my future and how I can grow within Complete Care, I have learned so much since joining.

I would highly recommend working in care for people with a passion for helping others! You wont get another job more rewarding especially at Complete Care.


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